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Hydrogen Rich Water Benefits

by February 18, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hydrogen Rich Water Benefits

  • Naturally powerful antioxidant
  • Suppresses Inflammation
  • Discourages Cellular Aging
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Resets Healthy Gut Bacteria
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Increases Energy Levels

What Is Hydrogen Rich Water?

Hydrogen Rich water Benefits is regular water (H₂O) that has been infused with hydrogen particles. This particle raises the concentration levels of molecular hydrogen in water for easy digestibility and immediate penetration in cells, which encourages overall health benefits.

Pono Revival runs its purified water along a bed of natural magnesium, potassium, and calcium to produce hydrogen rich naturally alkaline water.

Many natural springs, now shut down, contained a higher concentration of hydrogen and were used for centuries to help heal certain illnesses. This healing ability is what may have prompted finding ways to infuse water with molecular hydrogen. Because a hydrogen atom is so small, it can penetrate cells and deploy all of its benefits on a cellular level

What Are the Health Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water?

Drinking hydrogen rich water is shown to alleviate symptoms associated with many different illnesses and restore certain aspects of a person’s health. According to a research published on NIH regarding patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors, “The consumption of hydrogen-rich water for 6 weeks reduced reactive oxygen metabolites in the blood and maintained blood oxidation potential.

QOL (quality of life) scores during radiotherapy were significantly improved in patients treated with hydrogen-rich water compared to patients receiving placebo water.”  Over 700 other studies have been conducted regarding molecular hydrogen and its therapeutic effects on health issues – including 170 studies done on humans with various illnesses.

A Naturally Powerful Antioxidant

Studies have found that hydrogen rich water can enter cellular membranes and function as an antioxidant in your cell’s mitochondria – the cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy to power cell’s biochemical reactions. This means that hydrogen rich water interacts with your body on a molecular level, bypassing the digestive process entirely.

Suppresses Inflammation

Age is just a number, they say. Your true age is determined by your cells’ accumulation of cell damage often derived from oxidative stress. Hydrogen rich water has been proven to slow down cell wear and tear caused by oxidation. Research has also shown that it inhibits inflammatory reactions.

According to Hydrogen medicine and anti-aging expert Dr. Shigeo Ohta’s research, “hydrogen can be used as an effective antioxidant therapy; owing to its ability to rapidly diffuse across membranes, it can reach and react with cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) and thus protect against oxidative damage.”

Discourages Cellular Aging

Molecular hydrogen’s natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory have properties that help to remove free radicals from your body. According to Dr. Ohta, hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen (oxygen that’s toxic to living cells).

There are currently more than 300 research papers on the application of hydrogen gas for clinical applications and its healing effects are published in various journals and can be found in medical websites like www.pubmed.gov.

Promotes Weight Loss

Hydrogen stimulates the 2 digestive hormones gastric leptin (appetite suppressant) and ghrelin (appetite stimulant). These hormones regulate fat storage, energy, and several other metabolic functions. Regular water usage on its own promotes hydration and gastrointestinal tract cleansing, but ingesting water infused with hydrogen can support better digestion and help with the breakdown of unwanted fat.

Resets Healthy Gut Bacteria

Your body makes hydrogen gas in the gut during the digestion process. The typical Western diet, however, lacks the water-soluble fiber needed to break certain foods down to make hydrogen gas. Introducing this much-needed element through hydrogen-enriched water, along with a good probiotic, into your diet can help restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria and encourage or enhance healthy digestion in your gut.

Boosts the Immune System

Sixty percent of your immune system is tied to gut health. Damage in the gastrointestinal tract can cause a number of health issues that can, in turn, affect other organs in your body. Hydrogen’s ability to help counteract toxins in the gut and increase the secretions of healthy hormones directly affects the body’s ability to fight off illness and infection.

Increases Energy Levels

Hydrogen can give you energy in several ways because it can so quickly enter your cells and release its many benefits. Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is known as the energy currency of the cell. Once ATP is broken down to adenosine diphosphate (ADP), energy is released. This energy promotes all cellular activities.


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Are All Purified Alkaline Water The Same?

by December 17, 2020
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Water stores and grocery stores in general have been offering a plethora of drinking water options. A wide spectrum of brands parallels a full gamut of price points. Is it really just a matter of personal preference? Or worse yet, is everything just marketing? The most popular Purified Drinking Water option is still bottled water; it’s the most convenient and lowest upfront cost option.

However, in a recent study by German researchers, nearly 25,000 chemicals were found lurking in a single bottle of water. The test was performed on 18 commercially sold water bottles from different countries. They have concluded that bottle waters interference with both estrogen and androgen receptors; amounts as little as 0.1 ounces inhibited estrogenic activity by 60 percent and androgenic activity by 90 percent. Out of the 25,000 chemicals, included are two classes of chemicals, maleates and furmates, which are known potent endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are utilized to manufacture plastic resins. Lastly, water bottles contribute to the ~46,000 pieces of plastic trash that are floating on the ocean per square mile. Even with recycling, only 12% out of the 35 billion bottles used yearly actually get recycled.

Pono Revival aims to make a difference – both to mother earth and its inhabitants.

Pono Revival offers only consistent living water that has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory to be free of contaminants, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, then properly ionized and remineralized with Magnesium Bicarbonate and other human-body-essential bicarbonates derived only from natural sources. Lastly, the water is vortexed via an internal double spiral flow form that simulates the natural movement of water in nature. This vortexing movement is found throughout nature in rivers, streams and oceans to keep itself healthy and full of vitality.

What Makes Up Pono Revival’s Water Filtration System?

by December 4, 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Based in Ewa Beach, HI, at the heart of Ho’Opili, Pono Revival proudly serves premium alkaline water to its neighborhood and beyond. The phrase “premium Alkaline Water” gets used loosely nowadays. While most water stores dispense or bottle high pH water, is it really the end of the story? What raises the pH? Through electrolysis or adding synthetic chemicals?How do they eliminate harmful toxins from the tap?

Let’s take a step back and examine the problem. Regular tap water has a very high pH balance and includes all of the impurities and chemicals that are hard on your body. Most would agree that regular tap water is not healthy. With standard filtered water, all of the chemicals are eliminated so the water becomes more acidic. When that happens, your body neutralizes the acidity by using the minerals in your bones, joints, and tissues. When you drink our water, you consume clean water with the optimum level of minerals.

Our solution? We offer reverse osmosis purified, naturally high-alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen-rich water. Naturally, alkalized water will help your body neutralize acidity and improve hydrogen balance. Here’s the 12 stages that our water goes through:

Stage 1: 5-Micron Sediment Filter – Dirt, rust, and sand particles are removed.

Stage 2: Carbon Block Filter – 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals are removed.

Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane – The pre-filtered water goes through a much more stringent thin film composite membrane. Contaminants such as lead, copper, chromium, barium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, and many others are removed.

Stages 4-7: Alkaline Water Filters – These stages changes the acidic reverse osmosis water into a perfect natural mineral ionized water. These give back the minerals such as ionized calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium ions, which were taken out in the purification process.

Stages 8-12 Remineralization Filter – The water travels through a special blend of natural and ceramic form of calcium, potassium, and magnesium bicarbonate which remineralize the water and raise the pH level. We only use bio-ceramic components that meets NSF and EPA standards. These components are consist of several natural minerals which negatively ionizes water (negative ions from 7,000 EA/cc to 20,000 EA/cc). Water molecules are then broken down to about 5 times smaller than molecules of regular water. As a result, it creates an anti-oxidant water with high negative (from +360 ORP to -250 ORP).

For more information, please contact one of our specialists at 808-466-3590 or stop by at our shop in Ewa Beach.

Typical Magnesium Deficiency Signs and How To Fix It

by July 6, 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’ve been hearing about magnesium for a while. It’s in every supplement store, and athletes seem to drop them like candy to aid their performance. 

But most people aren’t actually aware of magnesium’s role in the body. Why it’s so important. And how to tell if you’re deficient.

Being the 4th most abundant mineral in your body, we think it’s about time you got up to speed. 

Strong bones, a robust immune system, healthy teeth, mood management, improving sleep disorders, and preventing heart disease are just a few benefits of having enough magnesium in your body.

It’s essentially the thread that ties all the biological processes in the body together and keeps it ticking over in tip-top condition. 

So what happens if you’re deficient? 

Adults need around 270 – 400mg of magnesium per day. Yet most of us rarely intake even close to that. And when levels of magnesium in the body begin to drop too low, it can be a tough time bringing them back up again. 

Here’s how to tell if you are magnesium deficient. 

5 Magnesium Deficiency Warning Signs 

Constant Headaches

Although there can be many causes of persistent headaches and migraines, studies have already proven the link between them and low levels of magnesium. 

Increasing your magnesium intake is a great way to combat the plight of constant headaches thanks to its nerve-calming properties. 

Muscle Cramps

The common cramp is as unexpected as it is painful, catching you off guard in all hours of the night. 

Cold weather can often be responsible for muscle cramps, but if you’re experiencing them more often than normal and they’re impacting your life, you could be magnesium deficient.

The same way magnesium helps calm the nervous system, it’s also responsible for muscle relaxation and hydration. And can help fight muscle cramps, spasms, twitches, and tremors. 

Craving Chocolate

Most of us love the comfort of chocolate, but do find yourself craving it more than usual? Or perhaps out of character? 

Usually, when our bodies have overwhelming cravings for certain foods they’re trying to tell us we need something. 

And because dark chocolate contains a whopping amount of magnesium (one square contains 24% of the RDA), craving it is a telltale sign that you might have low levels in your body. With that being said, opting for dark chocolate or raw cocoa is naturally the way to go. 

Insomnia and Trouble Sleeping

Magnesium is not only responsible for helping your muscles relax, but also your nervous system. So if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, low magnesium could be the cause. 

Studies have found that even a small deficiency in this sleep-aiding mineral can cause insomnia. This is due to magnesium’s ability to promote GABA in the body, a neurotransmitter that calms and soothes the brain. 


Because one in four of us suffer from some form of mental illness, it’s hard to pinpoint whether low magnesium is responsible for your anxiety. 

But one thing is clear, nearly every study performed has showcased magnesium’s ability to alleviate feelings of anxiety when consumed on a dietary regimen. Therefore, magnesium deficiency and anxiety can be closely linked. 

Effective Magnesium Deficiency Treatments


The most obvious way to try to get more magnesium into your body is to supplement it. But this comes with many risks. 

Firstly, supplement brands won’t tell you that most forms of magnesium can’t be effectively absorbed by the body. Because it’s principally absorbed through the small intestine. 

This makes pristine spring water the most bio-available source because it contains magnesium bicarbonate, filtered through rock for generations. Yet most of us don’t have access to lush Amazonian rainforest river water. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Charged Water

The only way to truly get bio-available access to magnesium-rich water is by using a unique filtration system that replicates the natural process water goes through in the wild. 

Not only will this clean and polish up chemical-laden tap water, but it will also use ionization to charge the water with an advanced remineralization process

Electrolyte Formula

To take your water a step further and transform it into a wellbeing powerhouse, consider adding an electrolyte mix to your filtered water. 

This mix contains the only form of bio-available magnesium (magnesium bicarbonate) along with silica – for healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

Wouldn’t you like to know that the magnesium you’re spending money on can actually be absorbed rather than passing right through your body? Nature already has the key to health for anyone with magnesium deficiency by being present in fresh spring and river water.

Our water treatment systems are the only products that accurately mimic this and bring you pristine water full of life-giving nutrients the way Mother Nature intended.

Magnesium Benefits: Best Foods, Sources and How to Absorb It

by April 28, 2020
Reading Time: 4 minutes

How do you like the sound of deeper sleep, stress-free days, and a robust and healthy immune system?

These are just some of the clinically-proven health benefits of getting enough magnesium in your daily diet. 

We get asked all the time about how to get more quality magnesium. So we compiled some of the best sources for this enzyme-rich mineral, and how to actually absorb it so it’s utilized by your body.

What Exactly is Magnesium? 

Magnesium, much like any other mineral you’re familiar with is found in the earth in abundance. As well as in our bodies (60% of which is in our bones). It’s essential for over 300 biochemical processes in the body and has earned the nickname The Mighty Mineral as a result. 

But not all forms of this powerhouse mineral are equal. 

And out of the 10 forms that supplement companies are trying to sell you, there’s only ONE that can actually be properly absorbed by the body and put to use. 

So for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on Magnesium Bicarbonate, it’s health benefits, and how you can get your hands on it.

5 Major Magnesium Bicarbonate Benefits For Mental and Physical Health

Healthy Bones

While most people look to calcium for strong, robust bones, magnesium is just as important. If you want to lower your risk of osteoporosis and build higher bone density, magnesium bicarbonate is a must. 

Another added bone benefit of the Mighty Mineral is its ability to regulate vitamin D and calcium. Both of which are essential for joint health. 

Heart Health

Magnesium is vital for your muscles to function properly. And arguably the most important of those muscles if the heart. 

So much so, that being deficient in Magnesium can increase your risk of cardiovascular failure. It’s also a common treatment for patients following severe heart attacks in hospitals to aid their recovery. 

Mood Management

Are anxiety and feeling blue a part of your daily life?

You could be low on magnesium. Multiple studies have shown the mood-enhancing mineral may be helpful in alleviating anxiety and depression linked to deficiency. 

Our bodies’ stress glands (HPA Axis) are responsible for how we manage mental tension. Magnesium helps modulate this and has been found to be an effective anxiety remedy.

Sound Sleep

If you suffer from poor sleep or insomnia, you’ll know the toll it takes on your health and vitality. 

But thanks to magnesium’s ability to increase GABA (responsible for nerve function) levels in the body, it can calm nerve activity and help you sleep soundly. 

Deeper sleep is responsible for strengthening your immune system, as well as tissue growth and cell repair. Therefore, magnesium and sleep quality are closely linked. 

Improving Migraines

Do you suffer from splitting migraines? It could be linked to low magnesium.

Studies have shown that subjects who took daily magnesium had 42% fewer migraines, and of those who did experience them, they became less intense. 

Menstrual Relief

Magnesium plays a vital role in women’s health, and has been dubbed a miracle mineral for periods. Not only can magnesium help regulate cortisol and deal with mood symptoms, it also calms the nervous system and relieves cramps and pains associated with PMS. 

The verdict is clear: Magnesium health benefits stretch far and wide in the human body. But if it’s only available in one form – magnesium bicarbonate – how do you get your hands on it? 

The Best Magnesium Bicarbonate Sources 

There are currently close to 10 different forms of magnesium being peddled by money-hungry supplement companies. But most of these are useless, and some of them are even dangerous. 

And to add salt to the wound, magnesium from food sources is generally low, with baby spinach, collard greens, and kale being the most popular. 

But you’d have a hard time getting enough from your eating habits alone. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate, on the other hand, is found in fresh river water in nature and is easily assimilated and absorbed through the small intestine. Mainly because of its ability to rapidly alkalize your body. 

Unfortunately, though, tap water and even bottled water are lacking this powerhouse mineral. 

Magnsium-Charged Water Just as Nature Intended

We created the world’s most advanced water filtration system that replicates flowing spring water – full of macronutrients, minerals, and of course, easily absorbed magnesium bicarbonate. 

The same way water flows through rock and riverbed in nature, picking up minerals and filtering itself in the process, your tap water runs through our system while being cleaned and supercharged with life-giving nutrients. 

This is truly the only way your body can absorb magnesium thanks to its bio-availability. 

Alkalizing Nature of Magnesium Bicarbonate

Our modern daily diets consist of a lot of food and drink that’s highly acidic. Resulting in health problems and imbalances. 

This throws off your body’s pH balance and stops you from assimilating essential vitamins and minerals properly. 

By charging your water with an electrolyte balance mix, you can get adequate levels of magnesium bicarbonate that is absorbed on a cellular level. With the ability to neutralize and alkalize your natural pH levels for a truly therapeutic drink. 


Well-deserving of the title “Mighty Mineral”, it’s clear to see why magnesium plays such a vital role in maintaining peak health and happiness. 

But you always need to be careful of where and how you’re getting it. 

We stock a whole range of water purification systems and superfoods to help you get the most out of life. Backed by clinical evidence and always guaranteed to elevate the most important asset we have – our health.

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