How We Craft Hawaii's Best Tasting Alkaline Water

And Its Surprising Benefits For your Wellbeing

What’s the difference between our unique Water Filtration System compared to most filters on the market?

Current drinking water options are either acidic, chemically treated, inadequately purified, or bottled in plastic. With standard filtered water, all of the chemicals are eliminated so the water becomes more acidic. When that happens, your body neutralizes the acidity by using the minerals in your bones, joints, and tissues. On the other hand, popular ionizers remove acids by disrupting the water through electrolysis – this produces merely acid-free tap water with most contaminants still in it. 

At Pono Revival, once we ultra-purify our water of all contaminants detrimental to human health, it is run through a blend of natural minerals to provide the electrolytes our bodies need. The properly remineralized water is then dispensed through a series of vortexes for restructuring for optimum healthy hydration. 

We locally craft, monitor, and dispense Pono living water right at our showroom in Ewa Beach, HI. Come visit us to taste and feel the difference!


Our purification stages employ a combination of industry standard strategies to effectively eliminate contaminants that are detrimental to the human body. Once purified into a blank slate, the water is then passed through a special blend of certified naturally sourced minerals and electrolytes making it high alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen-rich for optimum healthy hydration. 

Let the entire ohana hydrate with freshly crafted living water on-demand.

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Hg Pb F ClNO3- CdNH2Cl

The Pono Revival treatment process begins by conditioning the water via a high-capacity KDF + Steam Activated Carbon media. KDF has been the industry standard for removing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, water soluble heavy metals, and microorganisms from water.

In this stage, harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly into the next stage. Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react and flow onto the medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply. Next, the water goes through steam activated carbon produced from coconut shells.

This media has been the industry standard for treating chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, industrial solvents, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron, pesticides, SOCs (Synthetic Organic Compounds), THMs (chlorine byproduct), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, such as BCEE, hydrocarbons, MTBE, etc.), and many others.

The 1 Micron filter removes silts, fine dust, cement dust, protozoan cysts, and many others in preparation for the next stage. 


Our high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane eliminates all particles down to 0.0001 microns in size. Reverse osmosis has been the industry standard to treat  Eco-friendly 1:1 waste to recovery means that for every 1 gallon of clean water made, 1 gallon is used. 

Ca(HCO3)2Mg(HCO3)2 Mg Ca Na K

A series of ionizing and alkalizing stages change the acidic reverse osmosis water into a mineralized, ionized, hydrogen-rich water. Our carefully sourced and blended natural dolomites from caves, sea shelves deposits, and marble gravel provide a natural mineral source of magnesium calcium, sodium, and potassium. Our carefully sourced, high-quality minerals are certified natural. Our proprietary blend reduces the ORP to -250 or lower and increases the alkalinity to 9.5+ pH, making anti-oxidant water. All readings are tested and displayed in real-time in-store. Lastly, the now purified, alkaline, and hydrogen-rich water passes through a mix of activated coconut carbon to polish the water taste to perfection.

Once the purified, alkaline, and hydrogen-rich properties are achieved, the water goes through two UV light treatment. The dual UV light treatment provides rapid, effective, and ensured inactivation of microorganisms. When microorganisms are exposed to the specific wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting. Our UV system has been validated through microbial testing to inactivate microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.Coli and Fecal Coliform. The product water goes through a final micron and carbon filtering process in between UV stages prior to vortexing to remove any particles that may have come from the processing equipment in the treatment process.

External resources about alkaline & hydrogen-rich drinking water:

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Drinking hydrogen-rich water may protect healthy individuals from gastric damage caused by oxidative stress (nih.gov)

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Best waters would be rich in both bicarbonate and mineral cations including Ca (cambridge.org)


The vortexing and restructuring of water, inspired by Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, was designed to reverse the effects of modern unnatural treatment of water on our bodies and the environment. In our vortexing stages, the water first runs through tourmaline and quartz crystal. Then, the path splits into 2 implosion spirals leading into their respective glass pipes. The ends merge into a single glass pipe where a pair of vortex energizers are attached – copper and silver. The vortex energizer is used to improve the energetic quality of water by way of vibration. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another tuning fork, even if the first one has not been struck.

This vortexing movement is found throughout nature in rivers, streams and oceans; it is always the natural path, of least resistance, that free-flowing water takes in order to keep itself healthy and full of vitality. This naturally restructures, recharges, and reprograms what was once damaged water into living water. 


Pono Revival
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Ger VangGer Vang
03:47 19 Feb 22
Aloha,Tired from buying and re-filling water from the store?I was tried from carrying 24 pack water bottles to my 2nd floor for a family of 5 that went through multiple packs a week. In Hawaii, we have bottle recycling fees and prices of water can be expensive depending on convenience. Faucet water can be hazardous depending on where you live on the island. I knew I needed a better alternative for drinking water. After hearing about Pono Revival and Alkaline & Mineralized water, I was introduced into the best drinking water that can be readily available from home.I purchased the 12 Stage Pono Revival home water filtration system from Ken (owner). He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He was willing to explain the water filtration process and benefits of alkaline water. Since our investment, the Pono Revival home drinking water filtration system has worked great for our family with no issues since we bought it 5 months ago. The system has top quality parts which are made in the USA except for the tank. We moved recently and Ken kindly provided technical support for moving the filtration system.They offer water refill stations and home water filtration systems. Additionally, Ken has quality products like their water bottles (keeps water cold/hot) way longer than Walmart brands. They also offer shower head water filtration systems. I also purchased this to prevent skin breakout and eczema for because of sensitive skin. I have since purchased 3 more water bottles for family members.You can taste the difference when comparing to non-alkaline/mineralized water. I use the water to make tea and can taste the difference. My family and friends tried the difference between store bought brands of water and Pono Revival Alkaline water and they have agreed that Pono Revival water is better. If you are ready to save time, have convenient access to high quality drinking water, you should give Pono Revival water a try!
Apollo WhoApollo Who
21:42 16 Feb 22
They have my strongest recommendation for all the products they have. We are in a water crisis in HI right now. Their system helped by 1000% especially within the household. Lets just say the taste is AMAZING! The filtertrations systems will get rid of everything. We used the Shower filter and it even got rid of petroleum/chlorine smell the entire time the crisis is happening (The H2O test with the shower did not find anything deadly so this is based off my useage conclusion). So without further ado, their filtration system will help protect those in your household and the taste in the water will keep you feeling healthier by the day. CALL, TRY AND GET IT!From a Active military customer!
Kue LoKue Lo
21:24 13 Feb 22
We are currently going through a contamination of water in our home and decided to try Pono Water, which was the best choice ever! and convenient! their water is great for cooking, we use it for our new baby, and the taste is fanastic and fresh!! They also provide other kinds of filtration for your home. We currently are using their shower head filtration and it’s been a life saver! with everything our home is going through. We highly recommend their goods and services!!!
Jonathan MolinaJonathan Molina
00:37 11 Feb 22
Before Pono Revival, I remember drinking just “regular filtered water” like everybody else, never really thinking about it but one day I met Ken (the owner). He was very knowledgeable in how water is filtered and how it can be acidic, chemically treated, inadequately purified, or bottled in plastic for years. After he made me aware of these things, I started thinking about how this whole time I’ve been putting these things in my body. Being a martial artist and an active runner, water is always by my side and is really the only thing I drink besides coffee.After learning that high alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen-rich water is better for my health I decided to invest in one of their under-the-counter systems. The water tastes great (even better when it’s cold) and it doesn’t have that tap water taste whats soever. Through their 12 step purification stages, my drinking water is filled with the things I need to keep me healthy, energized, and ready for my training. The shipping was fast (HI to CA) and it arrived within the same week, I also picked up a cool water bottle and invested in a showerhead system. It’s nice knowing that the water I wash myself with is cleaner than the tap water I’ve been showering in for years. After all, the skin is the largest organ and it absorbs some of the water you bathe in, might as well have it absorb something cleaner.Overall my family and I are very happy with the knowledge, the systems and the water Pono Revival has provided us with. Great tasting water right here at home.
krystal aguirrekrystal aguirre
03:24 10 Feb 22
It’s been about a year since we invested in their shower/water filter & I highly recommend their products. A family member who had eczema used it & found themselves itching less.Great local company located in Ewa Beach, Hoopili. They even gave us a detailed & thorough presentation of how their water system works. Two thumbs up!!