About Us


Bringing You Closer To Natures Most Precious Gift

Welcome to the home of health, happiness, and rediscovery of living water through advanced hydro-therapeutics.

The importance of fresh drinking water can’t be understated. It gives life to all things, nurturing the planet and our bodies in unison. But not all water is equal. Today’s drinking water often holds hidden contaminants, acids, heavy metals, and more, while ultra purified water from reverse osmosis and distilled water will suck the minerals out of your body. When water contains contaminants and is not properly mineralized, it can negatively impact one’s health.

We are proud to serve and provide Hawaii with a complete water revival system that will revitalize, energize, hydrate, and properly nourish the body.

When it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition, we believe in progress, not perfection, because the road to wellness is a journey and not a destination. Our mission is to help and guide others to live pono through making better choices in their everyday lives, and by taking small steps in the right direction, in return, will yield long-term sustainable results as individuals and collectively as one ohana.



Making Ripples For a Lasting Impact

Our mission is to revolutionize the way we drink water and help people discover the radical shifts in wellbeing that come with drinking real, powerful H₂O. 

The water industry faces many challenges. And one of their “solutions” to treating polluted water is to add chemicals or strip the water of everything it has, which in return robs from our bodies. Both of these “solutions” have short and long-term consequences for our health. 

We’re challenging the industry with world-class water therapy that brings it back to its optimum state. After all, you were grown organically. Why add chemicals now?

When you want the world to notice, you make a splash. When you want the world to change, you make ripples.

Reclaim Your Water. Revive Yourself.

We go beyond basic filtration. Our products breathe life back into your water by removing all hidden contaminants then recharging and reviving it with the same elements found in nature. 

This is the closest thing to sipping from a pristine rainforest stream. The way nature intended – crisp, refreshing and packed with vitality.