About Us


Bringing You Closer To Natures Most Precious Gift

Propelled by the seemingly perpetual global plastic epidemic, loosely regulated drinking water standards, and the many preventable diseases linked to them, Pono Revival has collaborated with the industry’s pioneers in producing living water. 

Our solution is our locally crafted ultra-pure, natural mineral-based hydrogen-rich alkaline living water dispensed either at our shop or at your home.  

We are proud to serve our island with living water that will revitalize, energize, hydrate, and properly nourish the body – one community at a time.


Making Ripples For a Lasting Impact

When it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition, we believe in progress – not perfection – because the road to wellness is a journey and not a destination. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we drink water and help people discover the radical shifts in wellbeing that come with drinking living water. 

We aim to guide others to live pono by taking small steps in the right direction, which in turn will yield long-term sustainable results for the health of the individual and collectively as one ohana.

“When you want the world to notice, you make a splash. When you want the world to change, you make ripples.”

Reclaim Your Water. Revive Yourself.

We go beyond standard filtration. Pono Revival brews ultra-purified water that is recharged with natural electrolytes. We craft our water with naturally sourced magnesium, calcium, and potassium that mineralize and ionize the once acidic ultra-purified water. This produces  water with 9.5 pH, -250 ORP, making it a hydrogen rich, anti-oxidant drinking water. 

This is the closest thing to sipping from a pristine rainforest stream prior to the cascade of contaminants and byproducts introduced by the industrial revolution.