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While our bodies can partially filter out toxins from contaminated tap water through our liver, kidneys, and digestive system, it’s important to recognize that steam from hot showers can pose a significant risk. In fact, studies show that the levels of chemicals present in shower steam can be up to 80 times higher than in the water itself. Unlike drinking water, which undergoes some filtration processes in the body, inhaling steam allows these contaminants, such as chlorine, to enter the bloodstream directly. This exposure is concerning as many contaminants vaporize faster and at lower temperatures than water, making them unavoidable during a shower.

“A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations.” – Dr. John Andelman, PhD., Bottom Line; 8/87

What sets the Pono Revival Shower Filter apart is its use of certified grade alkaline minerals, infused with negative ions and far-infrared radiation. These minerals not only remove contaminants but also contribute to creating a healthful shower environment. Users can expect a revitalizing experience akin to a spa treatment with smoother skin and silkier hair after each use. Say goodbye to concerns about inhaling harmful chemicals during showers and embrace the rejuvenating benefits of the Pono Revival Shower Filter for a truly refreshing bathing experience.

The Pono Revival Shower Filter is formulated to effectively remove:

300+ Other contaminants
Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals
Controls scale, bacteria, and algae

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Erika UntalanErika Untalan
16:57 11 May 24
Pono Revival is by far the best water supplier and best tasting water in Oahu. They even have products that are beautiful gifts for my wife and loved ones. I highly suggest getting the BluebottleLove. Mahalo Pono Revival water company for being near my Ho’opili neighborhood and the Element Apartments.
Ashley BaizeAshley Baize
20:14 29 Jan 24
Absolutely incredible product, installation and customer service! After conducting extensive research on Oahu, I am so grateful to have found Pono Revival! Our family needed an extensive water filtration system for our entire home. The owner of Pono Revival was incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and patient as he walked me through each step and answered so many of my questions through the process. We have been using Pono Revival’s system for over 5 months and are extremely satisfied. Our family highly recommends this company!
Leslie SylvaLeslie Sylva
04:38 03 Jan 24
I purchased a Pono Revival under the sink system as well as a shower filter in October. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my overall health and wellness!The quality and taste of the water was immediately noticeable. I find myself drinking (and enjoying!) more water, and having peace of mind that the water I’m drinking and cooking with is pure and clean.An unexpected benefit was finding my hair and skin feeling much softer and less dry. All without changing any products!Ken provided exceptional customer service - from scheduling the installation, explaining how the products worked and patiently answering my questions.I wholeheartedly recommend Pono Revival! Mahalo, Ken!
Jenny AdamsJenny Adams
18:51 22 Nov 23
Being an alternative wellness practitioner and beauty professional, I firmly believe in whole self care. I could see improvement in my health both internally and externally using the shower filter and drinking the purified water from Pono Revival. Water is important, but where and how it’s sourced is just as important. Thank you for my water!
Michelle PopplerMichelle Poppler
05:01 12 Nov 23
Fantastic service, and tasty pure alkaline Hawaiian water! This is my stash I picked up for my neighbors!
Lauren McKinneyLauren McKinney
07:24 31 Aug 23
Great service love the water filters get them!
Ger VangGer Vang
03:47 19 Feb 22
Aloha,Tired from buying and re-filling water from the store?I was tried from carrying 24 pack water bottles to my 2nd floor for a family of 5 that went through multiple packs a week. In Hawaii, we have bottle recycling fees and prices of water can be expensive depending on convenience. Faucet water can be hazardous depending on where you live on the island. I knew I needed a better alternative for drinking water. After hearing about Pono Revival and Alkaline & Mineralized water, I was introduced into the best drinking water that can be readily available from home.I purchased the 12 Stage Pono Revival home water filtration system from Ken (owner). He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He was willing to explain the water filtration process and benefits of alkaline water. Since our investment, the Pono Revival home drinking water filtration system has worked great for our family with no issues since we bought it 5 months ago. The system has top quality parts which are made in the USA except for the tank. We moved recently and Ken kindly provided technical support for moving the filtration system.They offer water refill stations and home water filtration systems. Additionally, Ken has quality products like their water bottles (keeps water cold/hot) way longer than Walmart brands. They also offer shower head water filtration systems. I also purchased this to prevent skin breakout and eczema for because of sensitive skin. I have since purchased 3 more water bottles for family members.You can taste the difference when comparing to non-alkaline/mineralized water. I use the water to make tea and can taste the difference. My family and friends tried the difference between store bought brands of water and Pono Revival Alkaline water and they have agreed that Pono Revival water is better. If you are ready to save time, have convenient access to high quality drinking water, you should give Pono Revival water a try!
Apollo WhoApollo Who
21:42 16 Feb 22
They have my strongest recommendation for all the products they have. We are in a water crisis in HI right now. Their system helped by 1000% especially within the household. Lets just say the taste is AMAZING! The filtertrations systems will get rid of everything. We used the Shower filter and it even got rid of petroleum/chlorine smell the entire time the crisis is happening (The H2O test with the shower did not find anything deadly so this is based off my useage conclusion). So without further ado, their filtration system will help protect those in your household and the taste in the water will keep you feeling healthier by the day. CALL, TRY AND GET IT!From a Active military customer!
Kue LoKue Lo
21:24 13 Feb 22
We are currently going through a contamination of water in our home and decided to try Pono Water, which was the best choice ever! and convenient! their water is great for cooking, we use it for our new baby, and the taste is fanastic and fresh!! They also provide other kinds of filtration for your home. We currently are using their shower head filtration and it's been a life saver! with everything our home is going through. We highly recommend their goods and services!!!
Jonathan MolinaJonathan Molina
00:37 11 Feb 22
Before Pono Revival, I remember drinking just "regular filtered water" like everybody else, never really thinking about it but one day I met Ken (the owner). He was very knowledgeable in how water is filtered and how it can be acidic, chemically treated, inadequately purified, or bottled in plastic for years. After he made me aware of these things, I started thinking about how this whole time I've been putting these things in my body. Being a martial artist and an active runner, water is always by my side and is really the only thing I drink besides coffee.After learning that high alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen-rich water is better for my health I decided to invest in one of their under-the-counter systems. The water tastes great (even better when it's cold) and it doesn't have that tap water taste whats soever. Through their 12 step purification stages, my drinking water is filled with the things I need to keep me healthy, energized, and ready for my training. The shipping was fast (HI to CA) and it arrived within the same week, I also picked up a cool water bottle and invested in a showerhead system. It's nice knowing that the water I wash myself with is cleaner than the tap water I've been showering in for years. After all, the skin is the largest organ and it absorbs some of the water you bathe in, might as well have it absorb something cleaner.Overall my family and I are very happy with the knowledge, the systems and the water Pono Revival has provided us with. Great tasting water right here at home.
krystal aguirrekrystal aguirre
03:24 10 Feb 22
It's been about a year since we invested in their shower/water filter & I highly recommend their products. A family member who had eczema used it & found themselves itching less.Great local company located in Ewa Beach, Hoopili. They even gave us a detailed & thorough presentation of how their water system works. Two thumbs up!!



Crafted and produced in California, USA, the versatile Pono Revival Shower Filter is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled reduction, if not complete elimination, of chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, as well as heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium. Additionally, the water filter effectively targets over 300 other dissolved contaminants while also managing scale buildup, bacteria, and algae.

Pono Revival Shower Filter Stages


  1. Copper/Zinc Redox/KDF – Incorporating copper/zinc redox and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) technology, this component effectively eliminates chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and molds from the water.
  2. Steam Pressured Activated Carbon – Utilizing mixed steam pressured activated carbon, this part of the filter efficiently removes chlorine/chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, and over 300 known organic impurities.
  3. Nano Alumina – The inclusion of nano alumina significantly reduces, if not entirely removes, fluoride from the water.
  4. Negative Ions & Tourmaline – Far-infrared negative ions and tourmaline balls, acting as “mineral stones” or “bioactive stones,” collaborate to soften the water’s hardness. Moreover, the negative ions bind with harmful positive ions before the water comes into contact with your skin, imparting a rejuvenating and relaxing sensation akin to being near the ocean or a waterfall. This process promotes reduced stress levels, heightened energy, improved sleep, and various other health benefits.

Our shower filters boast exceptional durability, ensuring you won’t need to replace the filter cartridge for up to 2 years, providing long-lasting peace of mind and convenience.

Easy Step by Step Installation Process

STEP 1. Begin by detaching your current showerhead from the shower pipe. This should unscrew easily, although it may require some additional effort if it’s been in place for a long time. An adjustable wrench can be useful for loosening the showerhead from the shower arm pipe.
STEP 2. Take the provided Teflon tape and wrap it securely around the exposed pipe. This ensures a tight seal between the new shower filter and the pipe, preventing any water leakage.
STEP 3. Open the box containing your new shower filter and remove it. Then, unscrew the white cap from the clear housing of the filter.
STEP 4. Attach the white filter cup of the new filter to the shower pipe by screwing it firmly into place. Ensure it is tightened securely and positioned upright as illustrated in the accompanying picture.

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 1

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 2

STEP 5. With the shower filter cartridge and clear housing in hand, align the threads carefully with the shower arm. Twist them in a clockwise direction until they are hand tight. It’s crucial to pay close attention to thread alignment during this process to avoid any damage to the unit from cross-threading. Ensure that the inside cartridge is oriented with the KDF media (gold powder media) positioned upright.

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 3

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 4

STEP 6. Next, reattach your existing or new showerhead to the output side of the shower filter. For handheld shower fixtures, it’s advisable to install the bracket or diverter assembly directly onto the front of the shower filter. Using a clockwise twisting motion, hand tighten the showerhead to the shower filter until it is securely attached.

Note: Before attaching the showerhead, carefully inspect the condition and placement of the gasket provided with your shower head. A worn or torn gasket may result in leaking and diminished water pressure and performance. Therefore, ensure the gasket is properly positioned to maintain a watertight seal and optimal functionality.

Pressurize Your New Shower Filter

Once the installation is complete, turn on the water and allow it to run for 1-2 minutes to fully pressurize the inside cartridge and filter housing. During this time, check for any leaks at the shower arm, cartridge attachment point, and shower head attachment point. If any leaks are detected, turn off the water and tighten the problem areas accordingly. Hand tools may be utilized only at the connection point of the showerhead. It is recommended not to exceed an additional 1/2 turn with any hand tool.

Congratulations! Your new shower filter is now ready for immediate use and enjoyment.

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 5

Pono-Revival-Shower-Filter-Installation 6

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 in