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New Customer

Getting started with Pono Delivery is easy. We just require a minimum of 10 total gallons for free delivery. You can use your own, buy a whole new set from us or mix and match! Either way, all bottles will be name tagged and will be yours forever. We don't ever "swap" bottles. To get started, please sign the terms and conditions sheet prior to your first order. Once we’ve received your 1st payment we will text you to confirm the day of your first delivery.

Returning Customer

Getting subsequent deliveries is just as easy! Either send us a text or complete the quick order delivery form by clicking on the button below. Then, place the empty bottles outside your door/porch BEFORE 8AM the next day. Bottles will be collected between 8am-10am. Once collected, your bottles will be pressure washed (with ozonated water), stored in our store, and delivered after 6PM. You can also add bottles as you wish.

Water Delivery Services
Across Hawaii!

Pono Revival’s alkaline water delivery stands out in Hawaii’s water delivery landscape for its commitment to providing high-quality alkaline water with a focus on health and sustainability. Customers benefit from the convenience of scheduled deliveries straight to their doorstep, ensuring a constant supply of refreshing and revitalizing alkaline water. Pono Revival’s alkaline water boasts a hydrogen-rich composition, offering numerous health advantages for those who consume it. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our products, as we strive to deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for every client. With Pono Revival’s alkaline water delivery, customers can hydrate with confidence, knowing they are investing in their well-being while supporting sustainable practices.