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Purified, Alkalized, Remineralized, & Hydrogen-Rich Water in Hawaii

Stocking the world’s most elite and advanced water therapy systems, we care for water so you can care for your health. 

Sadly, every other water “treatment” and filters available on the market fall short of making it safe enough to drink. Our Under-Counter Water Revival System, Travel Filter, and Electrolyte Balance Formula is the only system that cleans and supercharges your water. 

Discover the true health benefits and taste of real water.


By the time your water is treated with our 10 stage filter then enhanced with our electrolyte mix, it’s perfectly prepped to be fully absorbed and utilized by your body.

Lab Verified

Proprietary patent-pending technology, built with premium components and third-party lab verified, our filters reprogram your water to a standard beyond flawless.

Trusted Globally

Endorsed by athletes, celebrities, industry-leading nutritionists and healthcare professionals across the globe, there’s no water making waves quite like this.

The Way Water Was Intended

High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis and Proprietary Dual Deionization process eliminate all nasty contaminants lurking in the water while remineralizing it with precious elements like silica. 

Our unique patented 8-step microfiltration process removes particles smaller than a micron (so tiny a microscope would struggle to see them) and literally recharges the water with an advanced remineralization and restructuring process. 

So you can keep your household water at it’s best and protect your family’s health.

Water Revival Anywhere

Traveling always comes with its risks. But did you ever expect the water would be one? In third world countries, parasites in water are a huge concern. In developed countries, chemical additives are equally as devastating. 

Producing up to a gallon a minute of clean water in just 15 minutes, the Travel Filter Kit lets you bring optimal hydration with you on the road. No matter how poor the local water is.

All PristineHydro Water Revival Systems produce the same quality water that is 100% free of all undesirable acids and contaminants. 

Supercharge Your Drinking Water

Water is an empty liquid without the delicate balance of valuable nutrients that give it life. Now you can supercharge your drinking water and body with the same powerhouse minerals for vitality found in nature.

Magnesium bicarbonate is a complex hydrated salt only found in liquid form, it is naturally present in pristine drinking water, it is not found in any foods. Prior to the industrial revolution, when food was food, there were 84 organic plant based minerals in the foods we ate and bicarbonate salts in the water we drank. It is impossible to get MAGNESIUM BICARBONATE through eating food.