Purified, Alkalized, Remineralized, & Hydrogen-Rich Water in Hawaii

With a plethora of drinking water options that are either acidic, chemically treated, inadequately purified, or bottled in plastic, we take a different approach in brewing living water. 

With standard filtered water, all of the chemicals are eliminated so the water becomes more acidic. When that happens, your body neutralizes the acidity by using the minerals in your bones, joints, and tissues. On the other hand, popular ionizers remove acids by disrupting the water through electrolysis – this produces merely acid-free tap water with most contaminants still in it. 

Our in-store drinking water treatment, vortexing system, and under-counter water revival system are the only systems that clean, alkalize, and properly remineralize your water, naturally. 


By the time your water is treated with our 12-stage filter and enhanced with our electrolyte mix, it’s perfectly prepped to be fully absorbed and utilized by your body.

Lab Verified

Built with NSF-certified premium components and third-party lab-verified product water, our water system produces living water the way nature intended.

Responsibly Sourced Globally

Backed by 25 years of research, our water system houses a blend of only certified natural media and minerals to brew water devoid of synthetic/lab-derived ingredients.

The Way Water Was Intended

Our high-efficiency reverse osmosis system eliminates all the contaminants lurking in the water. The water is then passed through a special blend of certified naturally sourced minerals and electrolytes making it high alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen rich. 

Our unique 12-step water filtration process will transform water back to what it once was in nature. Since we use naturally sourced minerals, the water maintains its alkalinity, ionization, and hydrogen rich qualities for a longer time.

Let the entire family hydrate with freshly crafted living water on-demand.

Supercharge Your Drinking Water

Water is an empty liquid without the delicate balance of valuable nutrients that give it life. Now you can supercharge your drinking water and body with the same powerhouse minerals for vitality found in nature.

Magnesium bicarbonate is a complex hydrated salt only found in liquid form, it is naturally present in pristine drinking water, it is not found in any foods. Prior to the industrial revolution, when food was food, there were 84 organic plant based minerals in the foods we ate and bicarbonate salts in the water we drank. It is impossible to get MAGNESIUM BICARBONATE through eating food.