Suggested Usage: Take 1 capsule daily.

Unlock the full potential of your mind with a synergistic combination of microalgae extract, phosphatidylserine (PS) derived from sunflower lecithin (not soy), and a premium ginkgo biloba leaf extract. Phaeodactylum Tricornutum is rich in fucoxanthin, an antioxidant compound that has been shown in clinical trials to cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce inflammation. PS is a phospholipid that supports memory and learning, executive function, attention, acetylcholine release, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, brain glucose metabolism, hippocampal IGF levels, and more. Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on earth. It supports dopamine production, anxiety relief, cerebral circulation, reaction time and acts as an antioxidant to eliminate free radicals.*

Warning: For adults only. Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women. Consult a health professional before taking this or any other product.

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What do you get when you combine the right amount of microalgae extract from Phaeodactylum tricornutum, phosphatidylserine and ginkgo biloba? You get a brain boosting juggernaut!

Encephalon is proud to incorporate the clinically studied material called BrainPhyt™. It is a microalgae extract produced in France that is demonstrated in 7 pre-clinical trials to improve cognitive performance, improve short and long term memory, enhance learning, and support the reduction of oxidative stress in brain cells.

The algae extract is a complex that contains phycoprostanes, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, essential amino acids, vitamins, some omega-3 fatty acids, pigments, sterols, and a potent xanthophyll called fucoxanthin.

Fucoxanthin is a marine carotenoid that passes the blood brain barrier and protects the brain from oxidative stress. It also supports the health of the liver, blood vessels, brain, bones, skin and eyes. It has even been shown to be anti-obesity!

BrainPhyt™ microalgae extract has been shown to act against the loss of short-term and spatial memory in mice. It has also been shown in mice models to optimize long-term memory, improving long-term information storage and increasing the speed of decision making.

What’s most exciting in relation to The CLF Protocol is that BrainPhyt™ supplementation totally counters the oxidation of brain lipids in oxidative stress scenarios.

Oxidized lipids in the hippocampus (the memory center of the brain) has been linked with memory impairment and brain aging. Sleep deprivation is one way to increase the amount of lipid peroxidation (oxidized fats) in your brain cells! Encephalon might be a good thing to take especially after those late nights.

This powerful microalgae extract is combined with phosphatidylserine and Gingko biloba. Both supplements have been shown in clinical trials to reduce elevated cortisol. When cortisol is chronically elevated it impairs hippocampus function, disrupts neurotransmitter balance, decreases synaptic plasticity, increases oxidative stress in the brain, and disrupts the circadian rhythm.

By mitigating stress induced by cortisol and introducing these brain supportive nutrients found in the microalgae we can really begin to move the needle towards brain homeostasis and neuronal integrity.

Phosphatidylserine is a major phospholipid and an essential component of nerve cell membranes. It supports human cognitive functions, including the formation of short-term memory, the consolidation of long-term memory, the ability to create new memories, the ability to retrieve memories, the ability to learn and recall information, the ability to focus attention and concentrate, the ability to reason and solve problems, language skills, and the ability to communicate. It also supports locomotor functions, especially rapid reactions and reflexes.

While it might appear to have the same benefits as the microalgae extract, the mechanisms of action are different and therefore they are complementary, not redundant.

Phostphatidylserine doesn’t only target the brain; it also appears to benefit the heart. It has been found to be a major structural component of high density lipoprotein (HDL). When HDL is loaded with phosphatidylserine, its atheroprotective, anti oxidative,  anti inflammatory, and anti thrombotic effects are enhanced. It truly acts systemically throughout the body.

Ginkgo biloba trees were here 100 million years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using it to improve circulation and memory for several hundred years. Rich in certain flavonoids, terpenoids, and proanthocyanidins, Gingko biloba supports the brain in various ways.

It has free radical scavenger activity and neuroprotective and antiapoptotic properties, such as protection against hypoxic challenges and increased oxidative stress. It has been proven to protect against neurodegeneration induced by beta amyloid plaque, the main marker associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. It has even been shown to mitigate neuronal toxicity induced by consuming alcohol.

Phosphatidylserine combined with Gingko biloba has been shown to have potentiating effects.


Take 1 capsule daily, slowly building up to 2. For a therapeutic dose, take 4 daily.


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