Resilien-C is a whole food source of vitamin C. Canty canes berry, amla berry and rosehips contain not only ascorbic acid but the other critical components of vitamin C, including the tyrosinase enzyme which contains bioavailable copper Both of these may help the iron recycling system In the body which uses the active form of copper, ceruloplasmin, to maintain iron homeostasis.

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A “Whole Food” source of vitamin C from superfruits. Whole food vitamin C is simply vitamin C, with many of the additional factors found in plants that synthesize vitamin C. The key molecule that provides all of the benefits is still vitamin C. However, with the additional factors involved, there may be some interplay that has yet to be discovered.

So what are some of those factors?

  • Vitamin C transporters that help transport vitamin C inside of the plant cells effectively – though, there is no confirmation it would work on human cells that are dramatically different.
  • Certain sugars and their epimers. These are essentially sugars that are mirrors of one another. Like D-glucose, D-mannose and L-galactose.
  • OXR proteins involved in increasing the amount of vitamin C in plants to help them combat damage.
  • Ascorbigen which is simply a precursor molecule before vitamin C gets liberated in the first place.
  • Vitamin P, or the so called PJK factors, which actually are simply flavonoids. This is the one true benefit of whole food vitamin C. With flavonoids, vitamin C can be retained within tissue slightly better. But in a diet with adequate flavonoids, it becomes redundant.

So while not exactly the same as pure vitamin C, the entire point of the supplement is simply to provide vitamin C in the first place.

Resilien-C also consists  of amla berry, camu camu, rosehips, and contains very trace amounts of copper, other minerals and some of the bioflavonoids mentioned.

For those that are afraid to take isolated nutrients such as ascorbic acid, Resilien-C is a great alternative.

The only thing is that you have to consume a large amount of whole food C to get the same amount of vitamin C as concentrated ascorbic acid powder or capsules.

The bioflavonoids have unique effects separate from ascorbic acid including:

Rutin, a bioflavonoid in whole food vitamin C, attaches to iron (Fe2+) and prevents it from binding to hydrogen peroxide, called the Fenton Reaction. It also decreases capillary permeability, making the capillaries less leaky and improving circulation. It is also neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, antihypertensive, antivaricose, an internal sunscreen, as well as, an immunomodulator.


Take 3 capsule with a meal.

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