Magnesium Benefits: Best Foods, Sources and How to Absorb It

by in Electrolytes, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Water Revival April 28, 2020
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How do you like the sound of deeper sleep, stress-free days, and a robust and healthy immune system?

These are just some of the clinically-proven health benefits of getting enough magnesium in your daily diet. 

We get asked all the time about how to get more quality magnesium. So we compiled some of the best sources for this enzyme-rich mineral, and how to actually absorb it so it’s utilized by your body.

What Exactly is Magnesium? 

Magnesium, much like any other mineral you’re familiar with is found in the earth in abundance. As well as in our bodies (60% of which is in our bones). It’s essential for over 300 biochemical processes in the body and has earned the nickname The Mighty Mineral as a result. 

But not all forms of this powerhouse mineral are equal. 

And out of the 10 forms that supplement companies are trying to sell you, there’s only ONE that can actually be properly absorbed by the body and put to use. 

So for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on Magnesium Bicarbonate, it’s health benefits, and how you can get your hands on it.

5 Major Magnesium Bicarbonate Benefits For Mental and Physical Health

Healthy Bones

While most people look to calcium for strong, robust bones, magnesium is just as important. If you want to lower your risk of osteoporosis and build higher bone density, magnesium bicarbonate is a must. 

Another added bone benefit of the Mighty Mineral is its ability to regulate vitamin D and calcium. Both of which are essential for joint health. 

Heart Health

Magnesium is vital for your muscles to function properly. And arguably the most important of those muscles if the heart. 

So much so, that being deficient in Magnesium can increase your risk of cardiovascular failure. It’s also a common treatment for patients following severe heart attacks in hospitals to aid their recovery. 

Mood Management

Are anxiety and feeling blue a part of your daily life?

You could be low on magnesium. Multiple studies have shown the mood-enhancing mineral may be helpful in alleviating anxiety and depression linked to deficiency. 

Our bodies’ stress glands (HPA Axis) are responsible for how we manage mental tension. Magnesium helps modulate this and has been found to be an effective anxiety remedy.

Sound Sleep

If you suffer from poor sleep or insomnia, you’ll know the toll it takes on your health and vitality. 

But thanks to magnesium’s ability to increase GABA (responsible for nerve function) levels in the body, it can calm nerve activity and help you sleep soundly. 

Deeper sleep is responsible for strengthening your immune system, as well as tissue growth and cell repair. Therefore, magnesium and sleep quality are closely linked. 

Improving Migraines

Do you suffer from splitting migraines? It could be linked to low magnesium.

Studies have shown that subjects who took daily magnesium had 42% fewer migraines, and of those who did experience them, they became less intense. 

Menstrual Relief

Magnesium plays a vital role in women’s health, and has been dubbed a miracle mineral for periods. Not only can magnesium help regulate cortisol and deal with mood symptoms, it also calms the nervous system and relieves cramps and pains associated with PMS. 

The verdict is clear: Magnesium health benefits stretch far and wide in the human body. But if it’s only available in one form – magnesium bicarbonate – how do you get your hands on it? 

The Best Magnesium Bicarbonate Sources 

There are currently close to 10 different forms of magnesium being peddled by money-hungry supplement companies. But most of these are useless, and some of them are even dangerous. 

And to add salt to the wound, magnesium from food sources is generally low, with baby spinach, collard greens, and kale being the most popular. 

But you’d have a hard time getting enough from your eating habits alone. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate, on the other hand, is found in fresh river water in nature and is easily assimilated and absorbed through the small intestine. Mainly because of its ability to rapidly alkalize your body. 

Unfortunately, though, tap water and even bottled water are lacking this powerhouse mineral. 

Magnsium-Charged Water Just as Nature Intended

We created the world’s most advanced water filtration system that replicates flowing spring water – full of macronutrients, minerals, and of course, easily absorbed magnesium bicarbonate. 

The same way water flows through rock and riverbed in nature, picking up minerals and filtering itself in the process, your tap water runs through our system while being cleaned and supercharged with life-giving nutrients. 

This is truly the only way your body can absorb magnesium thanks to its bio-availability. 

Alkalizing Nature of Magnesium Bicarbonate

Our modern daily diets consist of a lot of food and drink that’s highly acidic. Resulting in health problems and imbalances. 

This throws off your body’s pH balance and stops you from assimilating essential vitamins and minerals properly. 

By charging your water with an electrolyte balance mix, you can get adequate levels of magnesium bicarbonate that is absorbed on a cellular level. With the ability to neutralize and alkalize your natural pH levels for a truly therapeutic drink. 


Well-deserving of the title “Mighty Mineral”, it’s clear to see why magnesium plays such a vital role in maintaining peak health and happiness. 

But you always need to be careful of where and how you’re getting it. 

We stock a whole range of water purification systems and superfoods to help you get the most out of life. Backed by clinical evidence and always guaranteed to elevate the most important asset we have – our health.