Are All Purified Alkaline Water The Same?

by in Water Revival December 17, 2020
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Water stores and grocery stores in general have been offering a plethora of drinking water options. A wide spectrum of brands parallels a full gamut of price points. Is it really just a matter of personal preference? Or worse yet, is everything just marketing? The most popular Purified Drinking Water option is still bottled water; it’s the most convenient and lowest upfront cost option.

However, in a recent study by German researchers, nearly 25,000 chemicals were found lurking in a single bottle of water. The test was performed on 18 commercially sold water bottles from different countries. They have concluded that bottle waters interference with both estrogen and androgen receptors; amounts as little as 0.1 ounces inhibited estrogenic activity by 60 percent and androgenic activity by 90 percent. Out of the 25,000 chemicals, included are two classes of chemicals, maleates and furmates, which are known potent endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are utilized to manufacture plastic resins. Lastly, water bottles contribute to the ~46,000 pieces of plastic trash that are floating on the ocean per square mile. Even with recycling, only 12% out of the 35 billion bottles used yearly actually get recycled.

Pono Revival aims to make a difference – both to mother earth and its inhabitants.

Pono Revival offers only consistent living water that has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory to be free of contaminants, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, then properly ionized and remineralized with Magnesium Bicarbonate and other human-body-essential bicarbonates derived only from natural sources. Lastly, the water is vortexed via an internal double spiral flow form that simulates the natural movement of water in nature. This vortexing movement is found throughout nature in rivers, streams and oceans to keep itself healthy and full of vitality.